It’s a pleasure to bring to you the Living with Trauma 1 day seminar, facilitated by Anne-Marie Tipper, Director and Founder of The Annex Project (UK) and Rafiki Mwema.



Building Attachments(PACE)Training - Sydney

Rydges World Square Hotel

6th April 2020 
EARLY BIRD TICKETS (purchased before Jan 2020) $125
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Anne-Marie & Peter 9:00 - 17:00 Rydges World Square Hotel

Information on the training


his one-day seminar will support all professionals , parents, teachers, youth workers, adoptive parents, and foster carers to understand the complexities that drive our children to show big and sometimes scary behaviours.

Throughout the seminar trauma and attachment therapist and trainer Anne-Marie Tipper will explore how young people are driven to communicate with us through behaviour, rather than words.

Anne-Marie will help us understand what is happening for a child that shuts down, and also for a child that acts out.
Through the eyes of a young man who is experienced complex trauma, and is able to articulate and share with us his inner feelings, we will begin to use a therapeutic approach, to connecting to the child and young persons and help regulate them in their distress.

By the end of the day you will have an understanding of shame, and how that impacts behaviour as seen in our families and professions, and how to help support the child to adjust and make better life choices.

This seminar is a unique opportunity to learn through the words of a young man who spent his life on the streets, our very own Rafiki Mwema graduate, Peter.

Peter will bring to life what it's like to survive extreme circumstances and will demonstrate how a young persons brain can be changed through connection, therapeutic parenting and love.

Peter is articulate, funny, and totally honest about living through trauma and how his life changed by being brave enough to accept love.

Join us for this rare experience and learn from a professional in her field and first hand from a young man who has overcome the most horrific traumas.




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What does this ticket price include?

This ticket price includes welcome tea and coffee each morning, (world class) Training, Morning & Afternoon Tea, Lunch and a $10 donation to Rafiki Mwema.

Background on Trainer

Anne-Marie, Director of The Annex Project, is in Australia to deliver an interactive workshop where the participants will be helped to better understand the impact of early developmental trauma for children and young people, and how to improve the outlook for these young people who display complex and challenging behaviours.

The model is based on the work of Dr. Daniel Hughes, Dr. Julie Hudson and Dr. Kim Golding and is embedded strongly in attachment theory. It will also bring in the work of Pat Crittenden who has an attachment model (DMM) that supports Carers understanding the meaning behind the behaviors they demonstrate.

This training is a unique opportunity to learn through the words of a young boy who spent his life on the streets, our very own Peter

Peter lived his childhood on the streets and will share with you how brains heal through therapeutic parenting.

Testimonials from previous attendees below...


Anne-Marie's determination and wealth of experience matched with Peter's bravery and joy makes this training PRICELESS! Anyone with any contact with children in their lives (and that's everyone) NEEDS this training!! Thank you Peter & Anne-Marie.

Alyce Musk RizeUp

Amazing, thankyou Anne-Marie & Peter. I have never learnt so much in two days! Anne-Marie & Peter did such an amazing job of explaining very complex ideas and understandings that everyone should hear. A fantastic course for all carers, parents, brothers, sisters, youth workers, men, women, outreach workers, educators, healers, the list just goes on...

Julia Ramage Akina Ties

Testimonial - Such a great workshop and information that everyone needs to know. Excellent for every single person coming into contact children. If even half my foster carers had basic knowledge of childhood trauma my childhood would have been completely different. Anne-Marie is more engaging than any of my university lecturers. 

Maddi Kent Evie Grace Foundation

Thank you! Thank you! This has been an incredibly valuable and powerful insight for me into how traumatised children think and behave. I hope that I can now put into action some of the key components in my own interactions with children - that of connecting and understanding. Having both Anne-Marie's expertise and experience as well as Peter's honesty and bravery to talk of his emotions and behaviour has been the most valuable and important tool to the success of this workshop for me personally! 

Rhona Scotter